I plan to do a photoshoot on the 24th May at 10am. I will shoot my model in the pink crop top, the white pleated skirt and the skirt made with printed fabric.  I plan to style the white pleated skirt with the pink crop top and white converse. I will style the other skirt with a white vest top. I chose a white vest top as I think it would work well with the skirt colour wise but also because it is supposed to represent a hot country and warm weather. I will also have her wear white converse with this outfit. I want her to have her hair down and straight and natural makeup. I decided on natural makeup as the garments are casual everyday outfits and they are bright. If she was to have bright makeup it wouldn’t work. I have decided to use gels to add extra colour in the background. I am thinking about using yellow/orange ones so that it doesn’t end up too dark.

I did this photoshoot. There was a few problems at the beginning with the flash. It wasn’t working so left me with less than an hour to get some good photographs. I tried out different coloured gels to see what would work well and what wouldn’t. I started with green over a honeycomb modifier and a beauty dish on the other side. I used green as I wanted to try having a cooler colour to contrast the bright warmer colours in the clothing. I think the colour worked well but wanted to try other cool colours so I also tried blue with a red gel as I thought about mixing warm colours with a cool colour. I ended up having the cool colour in the background and the warm colour on my model. I changed my modifiers to a snoot and an open light.

I don’t think the blue and red/yellow gels worked well together in this way. I thought that the blue was too cool for my work and decided to switch the gels over so that the warm colour was in the background and blue was just on my model.


I liked it a lot more this way and think the warmer colours work best with my garments.

I tried using the warm colours together without cool colours. I tried this with the other skirt that I made.

I am happy with the way these photos came out. I think the red and yellow gels worked well together. They helped bring the bright colours out of the skirt. As these were the only 5 photos I got that I was happy with, I am hoping to use 2 of these in my exhibition. I would like to use the warmer photos. If I was to shoot again, I would use a different modifier to the snoot. Even though the snoot helps to draw attention to the garments, I would have gone back to the honeycomb or beauty dish as these would have given a brighter overall look.


Final idea update

As I have had a few problems with my final piece, I have been through multiple different ideas. I still want to use the pink top that I made at the start, I plan to make a skirt to go with the top. I am going to do a white box pleated skirt. I will do white as the top has a good amount of white in it and doing a white skirt would go better than any other colour.

Final Piece

I started by printing on my fabric using my screen. I printed a mood board I made using photos of my grandad and famous people/events he has lived through and would remember. I chose to use bright pink as I wanted to use bright colours to show the Jamaican side of my project.


Thinking about the research I did on modern fashion I started to create the top. I wrapped the fabric around the mannequin. I put in the darts in the front. I made them quite small but the fabric didn’t go as tight around the mannequin as I wanted so I made the darts bigger so that the fabric was tighter. I left a small gap in the back as I will put a white zip in the back for a fastening. I will choose white as the top is quite bright and a black one wouldn’t look right in the back. I think white would be the best option for it.

After looking back at the research I did on modern fashion, I changed the front to a more popular v neck style. I liked the top I did before but I think a v neck is probably more modern and would be more popular. Now that I changed the neckline, the top doesn’t have darts. The straps now match the rest of the top with the screen printed design on.

After putting the zip in, the top wouldn’t go back on to the mannequin as it was a bit small. I needed to take the zip out and come up with a different way to fasten the back. I tried tying the straps together into a bow at the back which I think works well. I also came up with the idea of tying the back with ribbon like a corset style. I think this is better as it is different and also still modern.

image2-4.JPG image1-4.JPG

I started sewing the top together by sewing the darts. After sewing the darts in, I realised that the hem wasn’t level with the darts that I made so I had to make the hem a little bit longer. I then went on to sew the top hem and the neckline. I had to resew the neckline as it wasn’t straight. After resewing it, it was straight. I then started sewing the straps. I sewed them inside out and then pulled it through.

I started the skirt by making a design on illustrator. The design that I chose to use is bright and goes well with my top. I planned to digitally print my design on to a metre of fabric but decided I wouldn’t have enough to create a pleated skirt so I decided to print 2 metres of fabric. The printer didn’t work so well meaning I was just short of a metre. Some of the fabric that printed smudged so I couldn’t use all of the fabric. I used what I could and made a dress instead. I decided to make a dress because the pattern choice didn’t work well with my top on a bigger scale.

To make the dress, I put thick strips of white fabric onto a mannequin. These strips are the front part of the dress. It creates a deep v neck. I then attached a full back part. I then attached the skirt to the bottom.

This worked well on the mannequin so I started sewing it together. I sewed the front to the back first so that I had the top together. I then started to sew the hems on all the edges of the top. This didn’t take long as the top is only basic. I then sewed the skirt pieces together. I cut the excess fabric off and pinned the top to the skirt. I stitched the back and the front pieces to the skirt. When I finished sewing it together, I noticed that it is really short and quite small. The white top works well with the vibrant pattern of the skirt. I am going to add flowers made out of fabric to the top. I am thinking white flowers so that the attention isn’t taken away from the skirt. I want to add flowers as I remember him doing the gardening in the summer and I think this would a nice way to show what he loved to do. I’m not too sure where I want to add flowers so I will make flowers and try them out in different areas and see what works. The colours in the skirt work well as they are bright colours which make you think about the sun. This is good because he loved the summer so the skirt represents this as well as representing his Jamaican background.

I tried making flowers with the fabric but it didn’t stay so well and looked a bit messy. I already did some floral embroidery and thought I could use that but I couldn’t cut it out neatly. I then decided to embroider the outlines of flowers in black. I chose black as I didn’t want to have loads of colour all over it. After adding the flowers I decided that the top part didn’t work well and have taken it off.

I am going to use the pink top again as this worked out really well apart from the size. I will add plackets to the back of the top so that the size is bigger. A zip will be attached to the plackets.

I made a skirt around a mannequin.

I made this skirt out of soft cotton. I did this as I wanted the skirt to have movement. I stitched around the top first so that the pleats were in. I then stitched the seam in the back. I did this next so that it looked more like a skirt. After this I stitched the hem at the bottom. I found this difficult to get it the same all the way round. I started to make the waistband. I used a stiffer cotton to make the waistband as it doesn’t need as much movement as the skirt itself. I also thought it would be nicer to have a stiff waistband. When I finished this part, I stitched in a zip and ironed the pleats in.


I went back to adjust the top, I needed to bring the hem up as on the mannequin the top was long and went over the skirt which isn’t what I planned. I stitched the end of the strap to the top. I stitched the zip onto the placket pieces and then attached the plackets to the top.


Overall I am happy with the way my garments have turned out and would be happy to present it in the exhibition.

New design ideas

As my digital printing didn’t go so well, I needed to make new designs to work around what I already had. The fabric I printed didn’t go with the top I made. I still want to use the top as well as the fabric I printed. I have come up with two different designs that I can do where I can use both things.

The first design is using the fabric I digitally printed. I could use the fabric to create a short sleeveless dress with white pockets. I would use the white fabric for pockets as it would make a nice contrast to the outer fabric. I would use the digitally printed fabric for the skirt part of the dress. For the top part, I would use white fabric to make a small v neck and in the back it would be a low v. I would attach a white zip in the back of the skirt.

The second design is using the top. I would keep the original design of the top the same. I would make a pleated skirt using white fabric. I would make a waistband using pink fabric to match the top and a zip in the back. In the pleats would be pink fabric just to add a bit of extra colour. This design would be more simple than the first one.


When I started making the first garment, I changed the design. I kept the printed fabric for the skirt part but I didn’t add pockets. I didn’t add the pockets as I couldn’t work out how to make them. I think adding the pockets would have been good but I struggled doing that. I kept the white fabric for the top part but instead of having a small v in the front and a low v at the back. I did a low v in the front and a full back with a zip down the middle. I think there is something missing from the top part of this dress. Because of this I want to add something onto it. I want to add some flowers as I remember my grandad doing the gardening in the summer and I think this would be a nice way to show what he loved. I have looked at different flowers that relate to Jamaica that I could recreate using fabric and sew on to the top part. The flowers that I have looked at are Lignum Vitae, Orchids, Hibiscus.


I tried making flowers with the fabric but it didn’t stay so well and looked a bit messy. I already did some floral embroidery and thought I could use that but I couldn’t cut it out neatly. I then decided to embroider the outlines of flowers in black. I chose black as I didn’t want to have loads of colour all over it. After adding the flowers I decided that the top part didn’t work well and have taken it off. I now just have a skirt which I don’t plan to take further as it is too small. I plan to go back to my original idea as this is what I am most happy with and also what I imagined my final piece to be.


I put my original top on the mannequin and have altered the design slightly. I have a halterneck style strap and a zip in the back. I have also made a plain white box pleated skirt with a zip in the back. I am now happy with my final piece as my skirt works well with my top but also the pleating went well. There are things on them both that needs to be improved. These things are the hem on the skirt and also the top needs to match up at the back.

Digital printing

I digital printed my final piece. It didn’t go as well as I wanted as on the first piece the fabric got stuck underneath the printer making my design smudge and have black marks on it. I started to print it again and it got black marks all over it. I was not able to print it again on the same day and would have to wait until the week after to print it. I put the fabric that did print okay onto a mannequin with the top I have made and it doesn’t go as well as I thought. Because of this, I will have to come up with a new design idea. I think this will be a difficult task as I want to keep the top I have made as it is personal and has photos of my grandad on but the printed fabric doesn’t match. I also want to still use the printed fabric. I think the only way to use them both is to make 2 outfits but with the time I have left this will be difficult. 


I am going to test out screenprinting again. This time I have made a mood board that has pictures of my grandad on and also pictures from the past. I wanted to do this as it shows what my grandad has lived through and what he has seen in his life but also it is still relevant to me as there are pictures of him on there. If this screenprint works, I will most likely use it in my final piece.


I don’t like how two of the photos of my grandad turned out as you can’t really see it properly. One of the photos turned out really good. I like the colour I chose to use as I I wanted a bright colour to show my inspiration from Jamaica. If I was to improve this I would change the photos of my grandad that didn’t work so well and would find other photos that would have worked better. Overall I am pleased with the way my screenprinting turned out and plan to use it in my final piece.


Mark making

Based on the textile sheet I saw at the Harris museum, I created a some mark making designs using some of the colours that were in the work. I tried to use similar shapes and lines. I did these as I could use this idea for my own designs in my final piece. I could use this idea as a background design and then add all my timeline/grandads story things on top. This way I would have the 50s style dress and patterns but then I would also have the timeline on there. I created these by using acrylic paints, paint brushes of different sizes and a sponge. I like the second one the best as it isn’t too fussy like the other ones. To improve these I could look into other designs and patterns from the 50s and also from the artist that created the pattern at the Harris museum and combine them with the work that I have done to create a new pattern. I could also keep them simple so there isn’t too much going on.



My work