We started to put the exhibition up by clearing out the room. We started to pile up the tables and chairs and throw out things that weren’t needed anymore. We then started to put up white boards around the room. Whilst this was being done, we started to take out staples and sand them so that they were smooth. We started gum stripping the boards so that we could start painting them. By the end of the week, we were painting the room. The second week, we started to put up work.

I looked on Pinterest for different ideas on how to present my work in the exhibition. I looked at degree shows from other places to get some inspiration for my work. I found a few ideas that I liked.

After looking at a few things on Pinterest, I have decided to hang my work in a space in the middle of the room. I will also have 2 photos of my garments hanging with them, similar to picture 4.



I looked on Pinterest for different ideas on how to present my work at the exhibition. I found a few things that I liked the look of. They are garments hanging in 2 different ways. 

I spoke to Jo about my idea and she suggested doing a photoshoot that I could get printed and put up with my garments on a mannequin. I like the idea of having photos up but I’m not sure how well it would go with my garments hanging. I think I will go with Jo’s idea as I think this would look good in an exhibition. 

I found another way to present my work that involves my idea and jo’s idea. I like how this looked as it is an interesting way to present my work. Even though I liked this way of presenting, I still think it would look better on a mannequin if I have photos put with it.