Proposal draft 1 



University places

I applied to Manchester Met, Salford, Blackburn and UCLan. My interviews at Salford and Manchester met were unsuccessful. I got conditional offers from Blackburn and UCLan. To get into Blackburn, I need to pass the foundation course. To get into UCLan I need to send them proof of my grade from my previous course. I am happy with these offers and plan to go to UCLan in September. 

Embroidery four

I did this embroidery to make a sentence. I chose these words as this is what some people said to my Nannie about my grandad when she met him. I chose to use this font as I didn’t want it to be normal writing. I wanted it to be different to how I have done my other pieces. To improve on this, I would practice this style of writing more before I did it. I would also change the size of the apostrophe as I think it’s too big. I made it this size as I realised that I had put it too far up for the words.

Embroidery three


This his is a map of the town my grandad grew up in. I want this one to go on the first canvas. I chose to use shades of blue as when I think about maps I think of blue. To do this I used google maps to find the shape of the town. I chose to put the name of the town on there so that it is clear what it is. I didn’t want to fill it in as I wanted the words to stand out. I’m not sure how I would improve this.

Embroidery one


This is my first attempt at embroidery. I think it went okay but I don’t like the face. I think this would have been better if my drawing skills were good. To improve this I would spend more time on my initial drawing. Doing this I learnt that the thread take takes up a lot of space so I would have to draw it slightly bigger to make it look okay. I don’t know if I will use this on my final piece of work.


I wanted to try doing embroidery by hand. I thought about doing a portrait of my grandad in the Jamaican colours. I got a photo of him that I could use for this. I got the photo up on an iPad and traced it.

I then traced it onto some spare fabric I had. I started to stitch the outline of the portrait using red, green and yellow thread.


I started to fill in the areas. As I went on I decided to fill in the hair and the jacket. I realised that if I filled in the jacket in the same green the outline wouldn’t be visible. I have decided to fill it in using a lighter shade of green. I chose to use a lighter green because I didn’t want it to be too dark as I used black fabric for the base.


I stitched the face. I don’t think it went too bad but I’m not 100% how I feel about it. I do think it went well for my first time doing embroidery. To improve, I would try to make the hair a bit more rounded instead of square. I would also change the eyes as one of them looks a bit bigger than the other. I’m not sure if I will use this on my final piece of work.