Overall Evaluation

My theme for my project was to tell my grandads life story through fashion and textiles. I feel that I did this but in a different way to what I originally imagined. I originally wanted to make a wall hanging made up of embroidery but as I researched more artists and techniques my idea changed. I then chose to do a garment going off the research I had done. I tried out different techniques that I could have used. I tried out screenprinting, tea staining, transfers and digital printing. The transferring didn’t work. I did them by using a photo printed out on paper and PVA glue. I did them on to some cotton. The transfer ripped and you couldn’t tell what the photo was. I tried screenprinting on to lace and on to digital printed photos. Even though I liked the technique, I didn’t like what I chose to screenprint. The tea staining worked well. I tested 2 different types of tea for different times based on previous results. I liked the results but wasn’t sure if I would use that technique for my final piece. Harriet Popham inspired me to try this technique. The digital printing worked really well and was my favourite out of all techniques I tried. Throughout doing this project, my digital skills have improved as I have spent a lot of time creating patterns and designs on illustrator. The designs I made were based off my research on Jamaican style patterns and colours. I found out a lot doing this research which helped me to create the best designs I could to get across my point. Through the designs I made, you can see what I was inspired by. For my final pieces, I created 2 skirts and a top. I used white cotton for all of the pieces. I made a white pleated skirt. This skirt was plain so I didn’t use any techniques that I previously tried. For the top I used screenprinting. I made a mood board on the computer of photos of my grandad but also famous people and events from different eras that he was alive. I chose to do my screenprinting in pink because I wanted a bright colour as my inspiration was Jamaica. This worked well because the screenprinting was neat and everything came out clear. I am happy with the way the printing turned out. For the second skirt, I carried on making designs based on previous research. I made a geometric style pattern. I also used rastafarian colours with bits of pink in so that it would go with the top that I made to go with the other skirt. I got this digitally printed on to cotton. It didn’t work so well as it was smudged slightly and some of it had marks all over it. Because of this I didn’t have as much fabric as I would have liked to work with. Out of the fabric I could use, I made a pencil/a line skirt. I wasn’t too happy with the result of it as it is really small because of the limited amount of fabric I had but after doing a photoshoot with it my opinion changed and I am now happy with it. I think the colours I chose helped to get across that I was inspired by a warm country but I’m not sure that it gets across I was inspired by Jamaica. My photoshoot had a slow start as the flash wasn’t working. By the time it was working, I had half an hour left to do my shoot. Even though I had a limited amount of time left, I am happy with a few of the photos. I only got 5 photos that I could use. I am happy with the lighting and coloured gels I chose to use as they helped me to keep a focus on the garments. If I was to do this shoot again, I would start earlier so that I had more time and I would try different modifiers so I had a range of different types of lighting. If I was to redo my project, I would make sure that all my seams on my final pieces were even and I would also add a long zip to the front of the patterned skirt. Overall my project has slightly changed to my original proposal as I have shown what my grandad has lived through and where he came from but not so much his life story and what he’s done. Overall I am happy with the final pieces that I made.


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