Lignum Vitae is Latin for wood of life. This has probably come from its medicinal qualities. This flower is native to America and the West Indies. In Jamaica, it grows best in the dry woodlands along the north and south coasts of the island. This plant is a blue flower and an orange/yellow fruit. It’s crown has a round shape.


Hibiscus is the representation of tropical flowers. Hibiscus flowers are big and bright and can come in a few different colours. These colours include red, white, pink and yellow. It can be grown inside but is wild in Jamaica. Jamaican sorrel or roselle (hibiscus sabdariffa) is the common name for a type of tropical hibiscus whose calyces are used to make a red drink. They give off a cranberry like flavour. The calyces are boiled and strained and the juice is mixed with sugar for a cold drink. The flowers of Jamaica are white, pale yellow or pale pink with a red centre.

Jamaican orchids, also known as briughtonia sanguinea, bloom in spring/summer with 4-12 4cm wide flowers. These flowers grow in warm to hot conditions with bright lighting. There are 4 different varieties of this flower. These are broughtonia sanguinea var alba. The sepals and petals are white and the lip is white on this flower. Broughtonia sanguinea var aurea sepals  and petals are yellow and the lip is yellow. Broughtonia sanguinea var Aquinii and Broughtonia sanguinea variant sepals are white. The petals are white with a pink stripe and the lip is white with a pink stripe.



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