I plan to do a photoshoot on the 24th May at 10am. I will shoot my model in the pink crop top, the white pleated skirt and the skirt made with printed fabric.  I plan to style the white pleated skirt with the pink crop top and white converse. I will style the other skirt with a white vest top. I chose a white vest top as I think it would work well with the skirt colour wise but also because it is supposed to represent a hot country and warm weather. I will also have her wear white converse with this outfit. I want her to have her hair down and straight and natural makeup. I decided on natural makeup as the garments are casual everyday outfits and they are bright. If she was to have bright makeup it wouldn’t work. I have decided to use gels to add extra colour in the background. I am thinking about using yellow/orange ones so that it doesn’t end up too dark.

I did this photoshoot. There was a few problems at the beginning with the flash. It wasn’t working so left me with less than an hour to get some good photographs. I tried out different coloured gels to see what would work well and what wouldn’t. I started with green over a honeycomb modifier and a beauty dish on the other side. I used green as I wanted to try having a cooler colour to contrast the bright warmer colours in the clothing. I think the colour worked well but wanted to try other cool colours so I also tried blue with a red gel as I thought about mixing warm colours with a cool colour. I ended up having the cool colour in the background and the warm colour on my model. I changed my modifiers to a snoot and an open light.

I don’t think the blue and red/yellow gels worked well together in this way. I thought that the blue was too cool for my work and decided to switch the gels over so that the warm colour was in the background and blue was just on my model.


I liked it a lot more this way and think the warmer colours work best with my garments.

I tried using the warm colours together without cool colours. I tried this with the other skirt that I made.

I am happy with the way these photos came out. I think the red and yellow gels worked well together. They helped bring the bright colours out of the skirt. As these were the only 5 photos I got that I was happy with, I am hoping to use 2 of these in my exhibition. I would like to use the warmer photos. If I was to shoot again, I would use a different modifier to the snoot. Even though the snoot helps to draw attention to the garments, I would have gone back to the honeycomb or beauty dish as these would have given a brighter overall look.


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