Prajje Jr. Jean Baptiste

Prajje Jr. Jean Baptiste was born in Haiti. He is now New York based. He opened his own fashion company, Prajje 1983, in 2003. He designs vibrant evening dresses that are flattering to the female silhouette. On May 29 2014 he was invited to headline at colour revolution in Saint Maarten. He decided to use the landscape as a background for a photo shoot of his gowns. He was asked about doing fashion week and he decided against it. He believes that they are just a ‘distraction ‘ and  a ‘financial strain’. He said he ‘prefers to concentrate in my work and create unique and affordable clothes’. In 2014, prajje returned to Haiti to present his work at the prestigious gallery Nader in Petionville. While he was in Haiti, he rediscovered his roots, Haiti’s beauty and dynamic spirit. He started to create a new collection about Haiti and its culture/traditions. He was particularly inspired by three of Haiti’s mystical goddesses, Erzulie, Freda and Dantor. In 2015, he went back to Haiti and spent over a month there working on this collection. He explored different techniques such as embroidery and beading. He did this with Haitian artisans. He then started to make plans to for manufacturing the collection in Haiti. The collection caught the attention of the fashion press and was featured in the January 2016 issue of Rebelle and Magic Haiti magazines among others. 


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