I looked at a book on patterns. I found a few patterns that were similar to the ones that I made and got digitally printed. 


This design was hand block printed in brown on undyed, hand woven, Indian cotton. It was made between the 1920s and 30s by Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher. I chose this design as I have made similar designs by using triangles. This design looks like triangles put together with straight lines in between to break it up. This reminded me of the design that I did where I placed the triangles together and it formed a straight line. 

This design was produced as a sample for French couturier houses. This pattern is described as tumbling box. It has been screenprinted onto cotton. It was made anonymously for Bilbille & Co in 1959-1960. This design is like my designs where I’ve put diamonds next to each other and squares on a slant overlapping each other. I like the original design as it looks quite 3D whereas mine are more 2D. 

This is another design by Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher made in 1920-30. It was hand block printed onto undyed organdie cotton. At the time designs similar to this would have been used for cushions and tablecloths. This is similar to my design with the lines in between the pattern to break it up. 

This design is a geometric pattern of intersecting lines makes a design for wallpapers and fabrics. The pattern also appears on a range of melamine coated kitchem accessories. It was made in 2008. This design is like my idea were I placed triangles together to create a straight line. 

This design is a working drawing by Reiko Sudo. Her combination of complex technologies, traditional techniques and new finishing processes has created extraordinary visual effects for textiles within interiors, fashion and art. This design is similar to the design I made on illustrator with stripes. My design is different because it is diagonal lines and in bright colours whereas this is vertical lines in black and white. 

From looking in this book, I have noticed that a lot of patterns that I have got inspiration from all have straight lines in. I have also noticed that the lines in the patterns have influenced my work to the point where I have included these lines in each of my designs. 


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