New design ideas

As my digital printing didn’t go so well, I needed to make new designs to work around what I already had. The fabric I printed didn’t go with the top I made. I still want to use the top as well as the fabric I printed. I have come up with two different designs that I can do where I can use both things.

The first design is using the fabric I digitally printed. I could use the fabric to create a short sleeveless dress with white pockets. I would use the white fabric for pockets as it would make a nice contrast to the outer fabric. I would use the digitally printed fabric for the skirt part of the dress. For the top part, I would use white fabric to make a small v neck and in the back it would be a low v. I would attach a white zip in the back of the skirt.

The second design is using the top. I would keep the original design of the top the same. I would make a pleated skirt using white fabric. I would make a waistband using pink fabric to match the top and a zip in the back. In the pleats would be pink fabric just to add a bit of extra colour. This design would be more simple than the first one.


When I started making the first garment, I changed the design. I kept the printed fabric for the skirt part but I didn’t add pockets. I didn’t add the pockets as I couldn’t work out how to make them. I think adding the pockets would have been good but I struggled doing that. I kept the white fabric for the top part but instead of having a small v in the front and a low v at the back. I did a low v in the front and a full back with a zip down the middle. I think there is something missing from the top part of this dress. Because of this I want to add something onto it. I want to add some flowers as I remember my grandad doing the gardening in the summer and I think this would be a nice way to show what he loved. I have looked at different flowers that relate to Jamaica that I could recreate using fabric and sew on to the top part. The flowers that I have looked at are Lignum Vitae, Orchids, Hibiscus.


I tried making flowers with the fabric but it didn’t stay so well and looked a bit messy. I already did some floral embroidery and thought I could use that but I couldn’t cut it out neatly. I then decided to embroider the outlines of flowers in black. I chose black as I didn’t want to have loads of colour all over it. After adding the flowers I decided that the top part didn’t work well and have taken it off. I now just have a skirt which I don’t plan to take further as it is too small. I plan to go back to my original idea as this is what I am most happy with and also what I imagined my final piece to be.


I put my original top on the mannequin and have altered the design slightly. I have a halterneck style strap and a zip in the back. I have also made a plain white box pleated skirt with a zip in the back. I am now happy with my final piece as my skirt works well with my top but also the pleating went well. There are things on them both that needs to be improved. These things are the hem on the skirt and also the top needs to match up at the back.


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