Jamaican Clothing

I decided to look at Jamaican clothing again as the first time I only looked at basic things. This time I want to look more into the patterns they use to try and get some inspiration for the skirt I will make.

In Jamaic, they would usually wear a dress or a skirt as top. These would be made from calico which is made locally in Jamaica. The women usually put a headscarf on to keep their hair off their shoulders. Traditional menswear is a short sleeved shirt and trousers which can be long or short. Bright colours are present in both traditional and modern Jamaican clothing. The colours represent the spirit of the people but also the colourful surroundings on Jamaica. Because of the heat and humidity of Jamaica throughout the year, the clothing has to be lightweight and breathable. The clothing is usually made of airy fabrics like cotton or linen. Synthetic fabrics are generally avoided in traditional clothing. They like to have comfortable clothing because the mentality of the island is laid back. Most of the traditional styles worn by the more conservative people on the island are modest and don’t show much skin. The modern trend is causing Jamaican fashion to stray from its conservative roots but traditionalism is still an important part. As well as the British and western influences, Rastafarian culture has become an influential style. This African inspired style includes colours like red, green and yellow into the casual clothing style. They are usually made from natural fibres much like the traditional clothing and are popular between the locals and the tourists.



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