Skirt research


As I am thinking about making a bralet style top for my final piece, I will need to make something to go with it. I am thinking about a skirt. Because of this, I am going to look at the different types of skirts in the shops people suggested in the survey.

In topshop, the skirts are all different. The styles are short, wrap, long or they have ruffles on them. They have full skirts and pencil skirts.

In H&M the skirts are similar to the ones in topshop. Some of them have slight differences.

In PrettyLittleThing, the majority of the skirts are short. There aren’t a lot of skirts that are wrap, long or have ruffles. I found a skirt on there that had a lot of colour and pattern and thought that I could maybe do something similar for my final piece.

A lot of the skirts on missguided are quite short. As I am thinking about a longer skirt for my final piece, missguided isn’t very useful to me. They have similar styles to everywhere else that I have looked at.

The skirts on asos are mainly longer than they are on other websites. The longer skirts are different styles. These are tulle, split leg, pencil, pleated and full.

In next, the skirts were mainly long. The skirts were also very similar to each other.

In river island, there are an equal mix of long and short skirts. They all seem to be a similar style. Some have a scalloped hem and some of them are wrap skirt. The patterns on the skirts tend to cover the whole thing instead of just covering a small area. I would take this and put it in my work.

There are few short skirts in Zara. The skirts are more long and asymmetric style or they have frills on them.

After researching skirts in the most popular shops, I have found out that a lot of skirts have frills on or are wrap skirts. From this I have a rough idea of where to go with my final piece.


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