Survey & Research

I made a survey to ask people where they shop and what they buy. These are the responses.

From this I looked at the shops that people said they shopped at and also the types of things that awas the most popular. This was tops and skirts/dresses. As a lot of people said they would usually buy a top I will most likely make a top and skirt for my final piece.

I looked on topshop to see what was on sale. This helped me as I knew what kind of things are in fashion at the moment. I was drawn towards the crop top/ bralet style. I quite like the ones with the lace on them so I would like to test it out to see how it looks. The necklines tend to be v necks with thin straps but this isn’t the only style there is. There was some with thick straps and some with straight across necklines.

As I was drawn towards the bralets/crop top style, I looked at the other shops that people said they shop in and looked at the bralets and crop tops in them to compare the styles.

In H&M, they have different styles to topshop as they are more full and have got high necks instead of having thin straps and v necks. Some of the ones in H&M are similar to the ones in topshop but most of them are different.

In new look, they dont have a lot of different styles. They are they same as the other ones in the other shops.

Primark don’t have any bralet/crop tops.

On Prettylittlething, they had a lot of bralet/crop tops in. They had ones with different necklines to other shops. The other shops have just got v necks or straight across and in prettylittlething they had tops with sweetheart necklines as well as the usual v necks and straight across. I think so far prettylittlething have the biggest range of bralets which has given me some ideas as to what I could do for my final piece.

On Missguided, the styles seem to be different on the front. Some of them are the same as everywhere else but some of them have a tie front or buttons down the front.

On ASOS, they have a small amount of bralets that are made for fashion but they are mainly sporty.

In next, they don’t have a lot of bralets on sale. The ones they do have are again mainly sporty.

In River Island, the bralets were all similar to the ones in H&M. They were high neck, v neck and sweetheart. They also were a range of different fabrics used such as denim, vinyl and mesh.

In Zara, they don’t have a big range of bralets. All of the ones they had were v necks.

From looking at different styles from different shops, I have noticed that a lot of them are v necks. I have also noticed that they tend to have thin straps. For my final piece I think I will take pieces from different tops and put them together.


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