Tutorials 4/4/17

I had a tutorial with Kim. She looked at my blog to see what I had on it and what I needed to add to it. She told me to add my proposal, pictures for my research and research different ways to exhibit my work.

I had a tutorial with Danielle. She said that I didn’t have a lot of work and my idea isn’t as strong as it was when I started. She also said that some of my research isn’t relevant to my work and that it is too broad and would take to long to research into.

I had a tutorial with Sally. I told her what I was doing and my ideas and that I needed a bit of help to make it more modern. She suggested that I looked into musical artists with a Jamaican background. I should look at the videos and lyrics of the music and also look at the clothing that they are wearing. I should look at a Who do you think you are? episode with reggie Yates to find out a bit about the Jamaican culture. I should also look at reggae album covers from the past and the present and maybe I could print with them or digitally print them. I will combine some of these things with modern clothing. I will also try to stick with bright colours.


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