Mark making

Based on the textile sheet I saw at the Harris museum, I created a some mark making designs using some of the colours that were in the work. I tried to use similar shapes and lines. I did these as I could use this idea for my own designs in my final piece. I could use this idea as a background design and then add all my timeline/grandads story things on top. This way I would have the 50s style dress and patterns but then I would also have the timeline on there. I created these by using acrylic paints, paint brushes of different sizes and a sponge. I like the second one the best as it isn’t too fussy like the other ones. To improve these I could look into other designs and patterns from the 50s and also from the artist that created the pattern at the Harris museum and combine them with the work that I have done to create a new pattern. I could also keep them simple so there isn’t too much going on.



My work


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