Harris Museum

I went to the Harris Museum in Preston as they have a few clothing items from the 1950s. When I got to the museum, I saw that they had a few other items from the 50s that could be useful to me and my work. I looked at the ceramic section and saw a small area on the 50s. I thought they could be useful for the pattern designs on them. I could use these patterns to help me create my own patterns and designs. I then saw the textiles and fashion pieces. There was a textile sheet with a pattern on which made me think that I could maybe try out mark making for my designs. I saw the dresses which I could get inspiration from these for a silhouette. It also gave me a new thing to research and look into. I found a section on cricket which I want to incorporate into my work as my grandad loved cricket. I think this section of the museum was useful as it had information on the caribbean team and also cricket in general. They had items relating to cricket that I could also take something from.



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