Tea staining experiment


After looking at Harriet Pophams narrative dress, I decided to have a go at staining different fabrics so they had a similar colour to the narrative dress. I did this because I could possibly make my garment look more vintage by staining it. I used 2 types of cotton, canvas and lace. The tea I used was Yorkshire tea. I left the fabric in the tea for about 45 minutes. Because the tea is strong I didn’t need to leave the fabric so long. When I took the fabric out, the cottons and canvas was dark and quite orange. The lace was dark but I think it looked better than the other fabrics. I quite liked the way the lace turned out. I decided to rinse the cottons and canvas to see if the colour was less strong. As this didn’t work, I put some hand wash on it to see if that took some colour out. This didn’t work either so I stopped.

I tried this again using a different tea. This time I used Typhoo. Instead of leaving the fabric in the tea for 45 minutes, I kept checking it so that it wouldn’t go as dark as the first time. I ended up leaving the fabric for 10 minutes. The fabric was lighter than the first set of fabric. I didn’t rinse them this time as rinsing them didn’t do anything the first time and also because they were light enough. If I use this technique I would, use typhoo and leave it for 10 minutes. If I do this with lace, I would leave it a bit longer than 10 minutes but I would keep checking it in case it goes too dark.



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