Embroidery evaluation

I got a photo of my grandad printed onto fabric in different sizes. There was colour on the photos because I got it off my phone. I didn’t like how this looked so I stitched over these areas. I was looking through a book called Drawn to Stitch: stitching, drawing and mark making in textile art. In this book, there are pages on different artists. I found an artist in the book called Bernie Leahy. She has stitched lines on faces to show the shading. This is what I tried to do with my photo. I chose to start stitching using yellow thread. Once I stitched everywhere I wanted to with this I got some feedback of Jess. She said it would look better with other colours. I took this advice and thought about going over the yellow using red and green thread. I used these threads in the order red, yellow and green. I am happy with the way this turned out and may use this technique in my final piece. If I was to improve this, I would stitch around both eyes instead of the one. I would also make the stitching on the chin less pointed and more rounded.



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