Transfer sample

I got the photo that I might use for my final piece printed to test out transferring onto fabric. I got the photo printed in colour and black and white. I will experiment using PVA glue.

For the samples, I got a piece of spare fabric and applied PVA glue to it. I then got the photos and placed them down on the fabric. I smoothed it out so that there was no bubbles and left it to dry over night. The day after, I got a sponge and a bowl of water. I dipped the sponge in the water and rubbed the paper so that it came off. I did the colour one first and it didn’t work so well. I did the same thing for the black and white copy but instead of using a sponge I used my finger. This didn’t work either.This technique didn’t work as well as I had hoped therefore I won’t use this in my final piece. The transfer ripped as I was rubbing the paper off the back. I will find a different technique that will work better for my final piece.



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