Fourth Idea

For my fourth idea, I want to take inspiration from Lisa kokins sewn found photos work. I could create small embroidery pieces that I can put together to show the story. These embroidery pieces would be a mix of pictures and text. I also like the work of Lucille Toumi and how she has used appliqué and embellishments. I would like to use appliqué for the pictures and embroidery for the text. I could experiment with different ways to lay out my work on the canvases. I have a few ideas about how to lay it out. These ideas are attaching the embroidery and appliqué pieces together using ribbon, lay the pieces out in an ‘s’ shape, Use buttons and maybe other embellishments to decorate. This would depend on how the canvas looks with just the embroidery and applique as I don’t want them to look too busy. I would like to get the whole story across on 3 canvases and have the fourth canvas as a memorial.


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