The Empire Windrush travelled from the Caribbean to Tilbury in 1948. The windrush set sail on May 27th 1948 and arrived in London on June 22nd 1948. This is an important day in the history of modern Britain. Only a few of the migrants intended on staying in Britain for more than a few years. During the Second World War thousands of men and women were recruited to serve in the armed forces. The Windrush stopped in Jamaica to pick up servicemen who were on leave from their units. A lot of former comrades decided to make the trip in order to rejoin the RAF. There was also a lot of people, mainly young men, who knew about the voyage and wanted to go and see England. The ship made an 8000 mile journey with 492 passengers on board from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and other islands. The passengers were invited to come to Britain after World War 2 to assist with labour shortages. Many of them had fought for Britain in the war and later became known as the ‘windrush generation’.




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